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 The Toronto and GTA real estate market offers a wide variety of neighborhoods, housing styles and lifestyles. Our featured agents know Toronto and the GTA. They can help a buyer select from thousands of homes for sale, as well as condos, lofts, bungalows, townhouses, semi detached houses and detached homes. They can properly assess property market and values. This is what makes them the best Toronto real estate professionals.

Whether you are buying or selling a Toronto home or property, we can help!

Preparing to Sell: When you get ready to place your home on the market, it is important that you begin to think of your house not as a home but a commodity to be sold; similar to a product on the shelf of any store. Products have features and benefits, pluses and minuses and they compete. Try to begin to look at your house through the eyes of Buyers. Buyers view homes with very criticizing eyes and discount the price if the home is perceived as needing work.

Important Real Estate Terms:

ACQUISITION: The process of taking title to or ownership of something.

CLOSING COSTS: Monies expended by a party in completing a transaction, over and above the purchase price, including: legal fees, taxes, mortgage application charges, interest adjustments, registration fees, appraisal fees, etc.

MORTGAGE: A loan which is secured against property (i.e. registered on title as a claim or encumbrance on the property). Often used to purchase the property itself.

AGENT: A person empowered by a Principal to act on behalf of the Principal in dealings with third parties. The third party is entitled to rely upon the agreement, assurances or statements of the Agent as being binding on the Principal.

BROKER: An intermediary who brings parties together for specific purposes. A mortgage broker brings borrowers together with lenders; a real estate broker brings purchasers together with vendors. Often charges a percentage of the contract price as a fee. Specific training required to become a Real Estate Broker, a professional designation.

BUNGALOW: A small, one-storey home built in a turn of the century style, often with a prominent front verandah.

DETACHED SINGLE-FAMILY HOME: A free-standing dwelling that is designed to house one family unit.

CONDOMINIUM: A development where individuals own dwelling units but share common areas with the other unit owners of the complex. The maintenance of the common areas etc. is taken care of by the Condominium Corporation in which every unit owner owns a share and has voting rights. The Condominium Corporation is created by the registration of a Declaration and by-laws on title to the property and all individual units.

SEMIDETACHED HOUSING: A dwelling that shares one side wall with another dwelling.

TOWN HOUSE: A type of dwelling which shares at least one common wall with neighboring dwellings.

LEASE: A written agreement to rent a property or part of a property from the owner. Sets out premises rented ("demised premises"), amount to be paid, payment period, and other rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant.

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